99% of my bugs are fixed whilst I'm in the shower

Honestly, I should just get a waterproof computer and write code in there

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    Couldn't agree more. I was actually considering getting one of those rubber keyboards just for this.
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    Just get a waterproof keyboard, mouse and monitors.

    Then connect them on-demand.
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    @filthyranter or he can only code in the shower
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    @Military-Guy There might be some activities that need to be done outside the shower
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    Or toilet.. usually when on toilet I get some shitty idea I wanna try out.. (no pun intended)

    So instead of 'I have to pee' I use 'I have to go empty my brain'..old joke that me and my ex coworker started, but I still use it. New coworkers think I am weird, but fuckit..they'd think that anyways..
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    Wish my bugs got fixed while i showered
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    Bugs made with a hangover are often solved without one. And vice versa.
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    I honestly do a lot of code reviews under the shower... phone seems to be waterproof so far.
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    Same here! The shower is always an inspiring moment 🤘😂
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    I came here to say shower. So relaxing. Sometimes emptying your mind is the best way to find the right solution.
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    I upvoted the rant when I read the second sentence. Then I read the third sentence and I wanted to upvote it again... Disappointment came next.
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    @sladuled im going to the thinking room xD
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    Yes,it happens to me
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