Me: junior dev

Assignment: build a REST search service that also does (thing x)

Me: gosh I just can't figure out how to make (thing x) work! Nothing I try works and there are no online resources!

*goes to meeting with client*

Client: (thing x) is impossible in our application, so we are expecting (much more manageable thing)

Me: awesome! I think I can build that

Manager who can't code: what are you talking about, (thing x) is clearly better and it should be possible to do

Manager: *sends email outlining shifted requirements after the meeting, including (thing x)*

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    Tell your manager since it's so fucking possible, go write the fucking code yourself.
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    @jhh2450 HIRED!
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    I hate those tech illiterate ta say "... Oh, how hard can it be?" They usually are the same that say "you know, I'm not into that computer thingy too much" after you confront them on their lack of tech expertise.

    Bunch of morons trying to be smart on shit they don't have a clue.
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