the internet was so good before corporate interests took everything over and made it garbage

before you found real people, instead of shills
real hobbies, instead of someone wanting to sell you knockoff shit by pretending to have information on your hobby
real information, instead of stupid politics which pretend information doesn't exist and keep changing Wikipedia pages or brigading forums with spam or reporting websites or servers as violating rules to remove innocent people and ruin their shit

before you could find tools and use them
and there were no ads
even when there were ads they were just banner ads where you got free iPods and maybe a virus
but they didn't subscribe you to their service monthly and then play psychological tricks on you so you couldn't cancel
even when the popups came we had popup blockers, and the web browsers were on our side and made the feature widespread and viewed the popups as malicious, and now the world's biggest ad company serves the most popular "open source" browser and is in a war against usability because they have to display their brain malware ads to you or else

and you'd get excited to get an email, instead of annoyed it's more fucking corporate spam you don't want from a random website that required you to give your email address so you could've bought a trinket for your friend Bob's birthday that one time and now their subscriber list keeps "forgetting" you unsubscribed

phones have a billion sensors but the app stores are so infested with bullshit none of it matters
it's all rot
everything is starving and making your life worse

we used to do so much with so little
and now we have so much and leave it all on the table to throw poop at each other

don't forget that brigade science tells you nostalgia is you remembering something to be better than it was. be gaslit. webpages disappear now, too. they get changed. archive.org has the records, and got DDoSed the other day. I knew this day would happen. everyone who lies would love for there to be no archives, no records. to burn the modern books

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    People are actively trying to burn the Great Library of our age.
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    Nerds make something cool, and then the MBAs come and enshittify it.
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    Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?
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    @SidTheITGuy I saw the first sentence on Bitcoin twitter and then got nostalgia
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    I used to be nostalgic about USENET when MySpace and Facebook were the latest hype, but I don't want to go back to (pre-) Netscape times with dial-up phone connections and no non-commercial UNIX option that just works.

    Internet was invented by academics as a military infrastructure and they already used emails when I was still a kid playing pixelated arcade games on a BASIC home computer and watching War Games where AI computers were about to start World War III.

    Devrant would have been a BBS channel back then only accessible to a hand full of privileged people. Like most of the rest of the web.
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