Fights in the daily standup. That's a new one!

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    Really, a new one?
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    When you are in the stand up, and realize you need to have a sit down.
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    sounds exciting

    as long as it ain't me

    I crumple like wet paper if people try politics
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    One place I was at someone chucked a bowl of salad across the table and flounced out. Called him the Salad Tosser after that.
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    Daily steam up
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    @electrineer that is more than a dad joke. That is a grandpa joke.
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    That reminds me, I need to figure out how to hook a dynamics compressor between MS Teams and my headphones.
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    sounds agile af
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    Meetings mean fights and frustrations. Stand ups are not exempted
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    @asgs yes, but do we really have to start each meeting with the Eye of the Tiger song?
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    @EnvMart Is that all you've got to say?
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    @Demolishun not really. You can play the Undertaker theme song and rest them in pieces
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    Yeah! Way to liven up the routine. Back to office y'all!

    If this trend catches on we should see more entertaining stand-offs in WWE rings.

    Keyboard warriors literally smashing keyboards on each other.

    That reminds me a senior dev in a team I worked with was so frustrated at his lead after a meeting that he walked off, sat down and smashed his keyboard hard on the desk. He stayed on (the lead left; not due to this incident), but it was good watercooler gossip for years after that.
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