The guy I work with was pissed because I asked him the status of his task during the daily meeting.
He doesn't want me to embarrass him because he hasn't finished this task. He said not to push him further as he will do it soon.

Dude, the point of having a daily meeting is to give updates of all pending tasks. it's been one week, you're procrastinating on this task is delaying the progress of my task.
Mind you, this guy has a PhD but he can't even understand a simple project management like this.

Hehehe this whole team is clown world 🤪🤡

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    Sounds like a healthy workplace if people feel like what they are working on is a secret.
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    At university - especially when you get a PhD - you learn how things work, but not necessarily how to work.
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    The point of having a daily meeting should not be to give updates on the current tasks.
    It should be to talk about stuff relevant to the current tasks and resolve potential blockers.
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    Monday: Is it done?
    TueZday: Is it doni?
    Webn£zday: Ezit d0me?
    T¥arZdah: Issit dum?
    Fr%d@: S it down?
    Zhetudahe: 0Ne?
    Sun: dawn?
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    The problem might be compounded by another matter entirely.
    Dude may be pissed because "who are you, @cho-uc, to ask ME for an update?!? You are not my boss! How dare you think you are entitled to ask me about my work?!?"
    In other words, some weird ego stuff might be at play.
    If anyone who is not the thesis advisor asks a grad student for an update on their thesis, blood might get spilled.
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    It is Johnny!
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    @JsonBoa we are all people, thus equal.

    Those fancy titles means that person has been indoctrinated longer and the system gives rewards to people who will spread that indoctrination further. Titles means shit to me!

    Especially majority of MDs, what a bunch of overinflated ego twats! Here and there you can stumble upon MD who will try to truly help you, the rest of them can go and fuck themselves!

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    @devJs twats are everywhere. These titles are hard earned so I wouldn't generalize that all titles are twatty.
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