Day 1 10:00 am
Login to email account (Zimbra)
Your password is incorrect (I entered it correctly, this was a permanent issue ,used to happen in the company with many employees)
Reset your password by logging into internal company portal.

11:00 am
Logged into company portal, somehow. 2 Mbps internet shared among 104 people, you can imagine the speed.
Reset email password
* your password has been sent to your email id*
Are you fucking kidding me? U have emailed me the password to the same email I can't log in to?
Where did the architecture designer get this top notch weed from?

Day 2
Asked HR to reset my password (using a colleague's email)

Day 3
No reply from HR yet

Day 4
I went to meet HR, she's on vacation. So they have 1 person managing the password reset, for 5000 people with no backup person. Cool.

Day 5
Your internal company password has expired. Check your email for link to create new password. This is some next level shit going on.

Day 6
I called up Internal IT team to generate a new email for me.
They asked me to raise a ticket.
I can't raise a ticket because the only way to do so, is through the portal.

Day 7
Nothing. Btw, personal email and all social networks were banned. You can't even open stackoverflow.
And this was a research lab, amazing huh?

Day 8
Loss of pay for 4 days since I can't login to company portal to fill timesheet.

Day 9
HR comes back. Resets my password.
I try to generate my new password for portal.
The password policy:
Password can't be same as last 10 passwords
Passwords expire every week
8 characters minimum, 2 upper case, 2 lower case, NO SPECIAL SYMBOL. WTF. How long do u think its gonna take to crack that?

Fuckers had a company wise policy to automatically lock PC every 1 min if not used. Who the fuck can keep on using it continuously! I'm reading an article, and bam ! Locked. 2 wrong entries and that's it, repeat all steps again. Fuckers really didn't want to let me do my job, just keep on logging in all day.

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    Damn I feel sorry for you
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    I was already gonna ++ by day 4. Though shit.
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    Run for your life!!
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    @coagmano I did
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    @Nanos u can change the display timeout in Settings though. Not sure which version of Symbian u had.

    For my problem, I wrote a script in Java which moved the cursor by one pixel every 50 seconds to mimic a user.
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    Jesus man! I reset my users password on the spot, no problem.
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    Run as fast as you can
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    As far as the issue of the PC getting auto- locked every minute, you could write a script (using Powershell or Python), to simulate the action of a button click every minute, so that the screen doesn't get locked so frequently.

    As a side note, hard luck being a part of such an organization pal. Hope you are able to move to a more flexible and enjoyable role soon.

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    @asabhyak I did write a script which moved the cursor by one pixel every 50 seconds. I mentioned it in one of the comments.

    I did leave the organisation. One of the best decisions I ever made.
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    @Nanos u can try using sleep, if you have a laptop. It works fine for me, I usually restart once a month.
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    @Nanos is that a mini monitor beneath the main one? I can't exactly figure it out. Looks so cool though! What's the config?
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    @Nanos how much did it cost?
    Must have taken quite some time and energy to build it. Hats off to your work, bro. Looks like it paid off well! :D
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