Phone conversation between me and a client:

CLIENT: "I see it weird..."
ME: "Which browser are you using?"
CLIENT: "The one you tech guys don't like"
ME: "Internet Explorer, isn't it?"
CLIENT: "Yeah, I'll switch to Firefox then."

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    Client realized their mistake and switched to a real browser. Some rants do have a happy ending! Le gasp!
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    Sometimes I debug on IE just to make sure that the website is working on the worst browser. If it Works on IE than it will work on the others. 😆
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    this is good yes
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    @snap according to other rants, you can’t assume that’s true lol
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    No offense... at all, but this isn't a happy ending. IE, sucky or not, is on most PCs and laptops. Almost everyone PC or laptop owned by non-techies... you really ought to make sure your creations look right in it. But I do totally get it man... I was co-owned of a webdesign company in early-mid 2000's and and it was really bad back then, IE sometimes needed it's own CSS file, now a days it's usually just an element or five.
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    I do shortcut. I block the IE. I say to use other browsers. :P
    Maybe not a good approach, but we have not had any problems with the clients. They just want the app to work.
    P.S. They are custom made web apps, not for general public.
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    that's the best client EVER
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