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    To build 'MyApplication'? It's a sample app. Unless you are building the project on a potato it should take a few seconds.
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    @ryanmhoffman was that a pun? I only write codepotato, that's my name, bud

    But seriously, I'm running on a macbook pro with 16gigs of ram with an intel core i7. It is a blank app (my first android app honestly)
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    @codepotato yeah I caught the irony when I wrote it. Good luck with Android development, I love it but I've rarely had to wait more than about 30 seconds on Gradle for even my biggest projects. It's not as bad as they say.
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    Gradle is only 10 years old. You are lying!

    @ryanmhoffman It's a little resource hungry, as it has the gradle deamon running in the background and sometimes fails to run when "low" on memory (I get build fails when I have around 1gb left, but repeating the build several times it might eventually successfully build on the fifths try or so). But usually once it's running, the following builds need only a few seconds.
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    It takes time with first import because that's when all the dependencies are downloaded. However, sometimes it just goes into comma from there and you'll never know. So it's better to kill it when it take more than 15-20 minutes.
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