New Year New Surprises 😳😛

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    @Torbuntu A lot of my classmates could have won $1 million, but wouldn't know because they never check their email or Blackboard. Which is sad, especially because there's an app for both.
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    @Torbuntu Right! I check both frequently every day. You're paying out your ass for this experience, better make the best of it.
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    Reminds me of a previous job, where I received a management report about me 6 months after I left, saying that my attendance for the last 6 months had been 'poor'..

    Don't you hate those gambling websites that never tell you how much you have won in any emails they send you, they just say they have news for you.

    Then you log in and find out its a whole $1 !

    It's like those forums that when someone sends you a message, it bothers to send you an email to let you know you have a message, so why not send the bloody message too !
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    @Nanos totally relatable!
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