Hey everyone,

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, happy holidays to everyone, and happy almost-new-year!

We had a bit of a slow year in terms of devRant updates, but we gained some momentum towards the end of the year and we're looking forward to carrying it into 2020. Recently, we launched what I think are our coolest new avatar items yet (https://devrant.com/rants/2322869/...) and behind the scenes we got our iOS/Android apps on the latest version of the frameworks we use, which will help us continue to improve stability. Still, we definitely would have liked to do more, but we're optimistic the coming year will bring great things for devRant.

One thing we are very proud of is this year we had our best year ever in terms of platform stability and uptime. Despite the platform growing and our userbase growing, we had almost no complete app downtime even though our infrastructure is minimal. A large part of this is thanks to devRant++ supporters, who allow us to maintain a small but effective tier of infrastructure and redundancy.

In the coming year, we're going to launch one of our most ambitious initiatives yet, and we're also going to continue to improve the devRant experience itself. We want to try to gather more user feedback, so we'll be working on a way to do that too. Stay tuned, more on this stuff coming soon.

As always, thank you everyone, and thanks for your amazing contributions to the devRant community! And thank you to our awesome devRant++ supporters for continuing to be the main drivers to keeping devRant up and running.

Looking forward to 2020,
- David and Tim

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    var holiday = new Holiday();

    // Merry Christmas from the Highlight Bot and @Skayo!!!
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    Dark and nerdy humor: if your Christmas isn't Merry, you won't even bother with the rest of the holidays (short circuit evaluation on the && operator in the image).

    Making a joke like this gives me the impression I have been coding for too long and too hard the past few weeks.
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    Oh and thank you @dfox and @trogus for working so hard on this platform even though you both have full time jobs!
    Unfortunately I'm not a devRant++ member anymore, but I hope my ~50$ still have helped you out a bit <3

    See y'all in 2020!
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    @shoop looks like c# to me 😁
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    Thank you dfox and trogus!
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    congratulations for the great performance, you guys!

    since this is a growing platform with a userbase greater than many startups, did you receive any funding or acquisition offer from VCs or bigger companies?
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    ayy Felices fiestas desde Chileee! owo
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    Thank you, @dfox and @trogus! You both are awesome and I'm thankful that you are doing your best to keep this community platform up and running!
    Sorry I"ve not been that active anymore, job has been quite stressful this year...

    Looking forward to a great and exciting 2020 with you all!

    Cheers, fellow devRanters! 🥃
    Great moves, proud of you ❤️
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    import { Holiday } from 'calendar';

    const holiday = new Holiday({
    type: 'christmas'
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    Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland.
    Frohes neues Jahr David und Tim.
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    @shoop You mean

    (new Wish(newYear, { happy })).Make()
    // Always overload your constructors for convenient initialization
    // Exclude the class name from method names
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    Here's to an outstanding 2020!
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    @Weon ya po wn gracias
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    @Marks7e waat, no me lo creo! Un compatriota! De qué regionnn?
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    Merry Christmas. Nice story, I like it )
    I hope to meet new friends that help me to pave my coding road.
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    @Weon no soy Chileno, la wea fome. Pero jugué Ragnarok online y hay mucho ctm qliao en el server e igual puedo garabatearte po. Soy de El Salvador
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    @Marks7e mega sad :( Sigo sin encontrarme con ningun Chileno
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    @Weon bro, i'm chilean, de Chiloé como el trauco y la pincoya
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    Happy New Year! 🎉
    So good to be back and I miss you all 😍😘
    Now, where were we?
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    @jespersh I have almost never seen a bot lol
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    @AlgoRythm New Dehli Escort 💃🏻 get russian girls now at indiaescort,in
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    @heyheni It's official, I have now officially seen just as many people impersonating a bot as I have seen actual bots
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    @Hezen-dar apenas lo leo!

    Me da gusto ver a más chilenos por aquí! Usas Discord?
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