When the algorithm hits again... 😂😂😂

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    My eyes...
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    @Trablarer there's still no dark one on devRant web...
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    @-xlf What??? Lies!
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    @theCalcaholic just tell me where I find it.
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    When a "rant" starts with "When" chances are >90% that it's not a real rant but more like a meme post or other shitty unfunny stuff.
    No personal hard feelings, but devRant has gone a little bit more downhill since lots of newbies joined and think this is Reddit7chan8gag...

    Proper rants don't need to repost old stuff, don't necessarily need a picture and don't need to repeat the old, sucked-dry memejokes and lame sentences everybody already knows.
    Originality should always be rewarded. Sadly it seems more and more easier to get meaningless ++ by just posting the simplest, allknown, lobotomized turdpile which has been passed around between people like a drunk dockside whore on roofies.
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    @-xlf Oh, it's right. :D

    Only the background is dark. I thought it was the whole design...
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