I got it, everything was better in the past! 😂😂😂

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    I don't know what you mean...
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    @cvonderstein That’s even greater 😂
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    Reposters should be banned without hesitation.
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    Gladly i don't use chrome and slack, so I have 3gb of ram to use for really resource intensive tasks
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    @visudo If you accidentally repost, you want to be banned immediately right? That's not how society works.
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    @CozyPlanes if you find an image on 9gag and post it here, it's definitely a reason to be banned. There are plenty of accounts here which just repost things from other sites. Everything found online and shared is a repost.

    If you have a similar story and share it, that's not a problem.
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    @visudo but you cant always tell if its a repost or just a very similar story (like here in this example).
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    It's why I run that piece of shit (Slack) in a pinned browser tab, along with every other "desktop app" these half assed devs release nowadays.
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