If I were an employee again, I would do a short stint in a startup to learn the ropes of a business, and then work in a big company, because big companies are effing slow. ie job is secure compared to the risk in Startups.

Use that sweet ass time, to create a secret github account to do your side project, while dragging your actual work like for days. xD

And be an average or slightly above employee for them to retain you but don't go above and beyond to get more work and fake praises and a measly bonus, or other employees to envy you. There is simply no incentive in most cases. "We are a big family" is not a great reason.

But lastly never lose sight of your original goal. It is easy to slack off and become one of them dunce.

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    Until you start reading contracts. Most have rules that anything made during working hours, using company resources is considered "work for hire" and thus belongs to the employer.
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    @Grumm lmao good luck obedient boy. Or Be discrete will ya.
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    So... do a normal job and your own startup at the same time, and do a half-arsed job at both of them?
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    I worked for a startup and nobody bothered to share how anything worked so it was a total waste of time (furthermore they lied a bunch)

    at said startup I had clients that were big corps and you were stuck in stupid useless meetings all the time which is why no work ever got done. everybody just wants to chat and if you're not compliant you're fired, or so thought the CEO so we did constant overtime to literally do nothing (and also didn't get paid for it even though legally we should be)

    and while I was doing all this, my contract said anything I made even off hours belonged to them

    and then later some lead dev came in and envied me for the fact I could actually code basic bitch shit (like I'm not even kidding, just made some REST calls and those were too hard for her) and got me fired

    so I'm just so triggered by my own failures I guess
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    @donkulator If you have tons of money saved up, yeah go all in. Just saying the safest option. With the later, you just need to be optimal with your time.

    Working for a big corp, is already a half-assed job if you are not managing people, so there is that.

    You survive as well as you have a fallback if your startup doesn't take off yet.
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    @jestdotty Can relate. Never mention about your other work to anyone. Have it never traced back to you.

    Once you think it's ready, simple take a work break to make it look like you did it in your free time lol.

    Is it really that hard? Plenty of choices to go about it.
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