Everyone in this team calls everything a team effort, but once I start offering my help, they be like "no, I can do it. I know more than you".

Hmm. yeah, but you (sysadmin) use jQuery and vanillajs mixed. For example: $('#hello') and document.getElementById('hello').
Also you put console.logs everywhere, I don't mind putting console.logs in development, but not in production.
Oh and he copies the libraries to every folder that needs it, so there are at least 12 jquery libs in this project and the version is not even the same. Lol.... Please slap me to death.

There is another networkadmin that calls himself a (python) developer. He doesn't agree with my simplicity.

His work (just an example, changed names but you get the idea)
"A notebook that is used by x-department"

Model: Notebook
endpoint: department-notebooks

Model: DepartmentConfigs
Endpoint: notebook-department-configs
You won't believe what he put in 'department'configs, it's literally hardware vendor, model, versions.

Like... really? What the hell you doing man?!
Just have these models for example: device, department, vendor, product, category

We do not only have notebooks, but also servers, routers, switches and more.

His argument of having configs in the name is that they do more complex things. Hmm, I don't see it in the code and the data is messed up:
Microsoft, microsoft, micro soft.

He fixed it by hardcoding it in a select box. Mickysoft isn't the only vendor, fuck you!

fuck this team, fuck these people

Another fucking rant, a story was assigned to me. But that stupid fake developer worked on it immediately and message me he fixed it already. I guess he won't let me touch his baby.

Everything is just piling up. This team and people aren't fun at all.

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    This is why I don't offer my help unless they ask.

    Even after asking for my help and hearing my suggestions, they often still ignore it. As long as their work are not directly affecting my work, I will let them do whatever they want
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    That was a good rant. Thanks for sharing.
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    I hate having to mix jQuery and vanilla. I use vanilla everywhere I can, but some dependencies just require jQuery. Having the library copied into every folder is a huge LOL though.
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