So on my computer I have 3 drives. I had two m.2 ssds and one sata ssd. I thought I had misc data on my sata. Turns out I had it on the second m.2. So I have been running my game installs off of the slower sata... I found out because I am updating my m.2 drives to 2TB from 1TB. What is funny is the data on the second m.2 is just temp storage. So I pulled it and put my new second m.2 2T drive to clone from the sata. It was failing to clone over usb for some reason. Not sure if software or something with drive. Cloning in process so will find out soon. The funny part is this makes it easier to update because I was using drives wrong. DOH!

It will be nice going from 3TB to 5TB. Woot!

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    Cool story bro
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    Everything worked when transferring in the computer instead of USB. I think the USB carrier seems to only hold up for one drive clone. I wonder if I can return it. It has been a month.
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