Sent this to my boss just now:

Let's see what happens! :)

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    Syntax error hyphenated table names need escaping.
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    Also, he should fire you for storing the Slave-Driving-Tendancies field as a VARCHAR instead of INT and Mind-Made-Up as a VARCHAR instead of a BIT.
    Horribly inefficient database design.
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    Also I'm assuming the most awesome is an Int, I think you'd want to order that reverse unless boss awesomeness is calculated like a golf score.
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    +1 for hipchat, our team has been loving that
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    Dang... You all really tore me a new one for an on-the-fly query lol
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    you should seed that data and see who comes out on top 😂
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    should be 'order by awesome_score desc'
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    My boss send me this after I send it to him..
    MySQL error : 1006 You have an error in your sql near line 10 💉💉

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