"Can you reinstall system for me? it's too slow..."
"Sure thing!"

*Linux installed

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    This is evil! Me like xD
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    I have a Linux computer and a Windows computer and have owned a Mac before. I don't understand this whole Linux being so fast thing. I mean it doesn't take much graphically to run a terminal based distro if that's what you are referring to. But I have not found Linux gui's to be "snappy". I love Linux and probably prefer it, but it's not the smoothest user experience that's for sure.
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    @Toasty I think what most are referring to is that windows tends to get slower over time due to automatic things in the background which you often don't get on a linux distribution.

    I reinstall my windows systems every other year do to this, but also because i tend to get wierd bugs.

    My understanding is that Linux is also superiour att cleaning up trash files.
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    @Toasty the thing is Windows is very unreliable. I owned laptops with Windows and none of them can get away from performance degradation. It's really sensible compare to Mac or Linux. Especially Windows 10 is notorious for requiring a lot of RAM in order to run smoothly.
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    @Wholteza ok I get this actually! I agree whole heatedly. But for some reason it just makes sense to me that a heavier operating system just might take a bit more maintenance like a reinstall I guess. But with Linux there is just less to go wrong which is awesome
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    @Sugar oh you are so right about the ram. I guess I don't have any experience with low ram windows machines. I feel like 8gb ram or more is pretty easy to come by these days. I can't imagine windows with like 2gb ram haha.
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    @Toasty The maintainance part is the problem. "Non-IT" people don't want to and often cannot handle this. It means paying someone else to fix it, and that costs them both time and money.

    For me that would be like my car breaking down and having to turn it in to the shop. It will be both expensive and time consuming.

    Therefor you can save them some trouble by installing a user friendly linux distro with the tools they need. But sadly, at least here in sweden they often need some propriatary windows only software to manage their banking, so back to linux it is.
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    @Wholteza Back to windows*
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    @Wholteza But cars break down, that's just how it works! "If you don't want expensive car repairs, than buy a bicycle!" I feel like that's the theory behind replacing windows with Linux. There is just some things Linux can't replace even though I think Linux is superior.
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    Install Linux everywhere!
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