This is interesting from a troubleshooting point of view. I have a decent laptop I use to play Fallout 4. It was running just fine until recently. The game will spike GPU activity and crash. I found if I reduced settings and lower resolution it happens less often.

I kept searching and finally found someone saying it could be GPU thermal compound has worn out. So I looked how to change that on a laptop. The video I found it looked fairly easy.

I get into my laptop and I find all the screws for the heatsink/head pipe assembly. However there is a ton of thermal tape used everywhere holding it all down. I think if I am not careful I will break the heat sink. I did pull on the main part and it just didn't want to give.

Feeling a bit defeated as I put everything back together. I had gotten some decent thermal compound for this. So I fire up the game and it runs fine at the low settings. Then I raise all the settings to max with max resolution. This was crashing the game the last few days. It just runs and runs fine on those settings. GPU temps look normal (they did before, but I wanted to see). So, all I can think the act of lifting the heat sink a small amount may have reseated the thermal compound a bit. I am still going to price out a professional doing this, but I can play on max settings again. Maybe messing with screws on GPU and slightly moving the heat sink actually did something.

This confirms to me that something needs done about the thermal compound. The company I bought the laptop from offered custom thermal compound at time of purchase. So I am thinking they can do this for me. It will be cheaper to pay a couple hundred bucks to have a pro do this rather than pay $1800 for a new computer. This is only 2 1/2 years old. It has been a top performer up til now.

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    Hmmm, had to turn settings back down again. Gonna need to pay someone to fix this I guess.
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    Pretty sure the "thermal tape" you're referring to is defeated by isopropyl, as most thermal paste/pads are.
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    Is it possible it is just the graphics driver? It wouldn't be doing that all of a sudden though. So probably not.
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    So I ran Furmark for 15 minutes and the card was doing 90 C most of the time. It didn't crash the app and the GPU was full load the whole time. I was expecting the Furmark to crash.
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    Okay, I don't know what the fuck to think now. I for giggles and shits installed another Fallout 4 modlist with MUCH higher GPU/CPU requirements. It is running just fine. What the fuck?! The other modlist was fine until like a week or two ago.

    This new modlist is made by the same people too.
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    Download from off site
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