OmG I haTeZ WhEn PIp0L tHinK I Am A haCk3R bIcoZ of My trMinAl Lib mi alone! XOXOX

shut the fuck up.

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    These people are just show offs, they open their terminals on purpose when other people are around. Nobody thinks you're a hacker, would a hacker be hacking in a crowded place in broad daylight?
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    @jsframework9000 exactly. It is a constant cry of attention. They more than likely do so because they want people to look at them. The rants about it are fucking retarded.
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    Yeah. Real hackers hack in some dark room in their hoodies using excel 😂
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    Dude. You made me flashback to the AIM days of away messages and "edgy" writing style of seemingly random capital letters..
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    @jespersh i do not talk like that. It is a way of mocking people.
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    @QueenMorgana if by that you mean obnoxious then yes indeed. I just hate those rants that talk about "omg people think I am hacker because I use the terminal!! So annoying!"
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    What about @teganburns? He always types like that 🙃
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    Honestly using terminal I public makes me feel like a twat because I feel like people will see me as someone who is trying to show off. When in fact I'm connecting to an aws instance to check chef updated stuff correctly
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    @Mushyyy perfect use case man u___u
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    Nobody opens a terminal in a public space to get attention. And these are grown up developers you're mocking and if you have a problem with them, you better tell them in their rants instead of expressing your obviously mislead thoughts in a rant.
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    @Numinex I don't think OP is mocking to grown up devs who have to use terminal in public for actual work. I didn't get such meaning from this rant at all.

    // Eng is not my mother language though.
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    @Numinex I think some people do. I've coded in public places because I was pressed for time and nobody ever asked me if I'm a hacker. I might have been asked what I'm doing and I'd say "I'm working on a web app".
    OP is probably referring to some kids who code at school and show off to their classmatea. Really? The whole afternoon and evening is not enough for them and they need to code at damn school? Are they making AIs for curing cancer?
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    @Numinex "obviously mislead", "grown ups your are mocking".

    Got a good chuckle out of that one. No one that develops professionally makes a big deal out of opening a terminal window in public whereas the ones I mock seem to look around to see who gives them attention. There is a big difference. And I am very vocal about telling people off...especially when they do cringey shit.
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    @AleCx04 Haha I can imagine you telling people
    -"Son, close that terminal, you ain't fooling nobody"
    -"But I'm working here mister"
    (with a Texas accent of course)
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    @jsframework9000 awww nooo I ain't that mean haha But I do have a weird accent :P
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    @teganburns lmao exactly the spongebob mockify text :P
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    @teganburns btw I just found your youtube channel........subsmofockingcribe!!
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    Hee hee, I knew you'd do that 🙃
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