Just typed a 2000 word passionate story about AI and the app refreshed itself before I managed to post it. I wanna cry :(:(:(

Sigh, I'll try again.

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    Just had the same problem on a comment. I guess @dfox is already aware of the problem. They are about to rewrite the app anyways. ☺️
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    Don't know about rants, but comments are usually cached by the app. I use it a lot, start writing, go back to the rant, press post and continue from where it was.
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    Well, about 20 Minutes ago my screen just sort of flashed and I was back on the "Home" page of the app. 🤷
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    Write your rant in a note taking app and copy it over. ☺️
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    Yeah, I was sent to the home screen and the post wasn't cached. Guess I'll wait for the new version then and just keep saving to the clipboard in the meantime.

    @dustypaws: ninja'd :) using select all > copy for now
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    Wow, I didn't know there was a bug like this
    I've posted some pretty long rants, glad it didn't happen to me then
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    We’re adding an auto-save feature soon, but right now if you want to save a rant or a comment, simply close the window and it gets saved as a draft :)
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    @Nanos good ideas, but I think to start out it will just be every x seconds. I don’t really see any negative to having it be a pretty quick interval. Undo would be good too.
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    @Nanos why bothering the server. I'd safe drafts locally on ever space, newline or full stop. Something like that.
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    @Nanos I suppose you could send a draft to the server.... But then again, devRant is not that important an application that you NEED your drafts to be saved "off-shore" just in case of an catastrophic event. I guess sooner then later it'll also clutter the database with unpublished and forgotten drafts. Which adds the question how long a drafts lifespan should be. I can already see ppl. screaming: "Where's my Rant, I've only started it 18 days ago, now it's gone!" 😂
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