Just typed a 2000 word passionate story about AI and the app refreshed itself before I managed to post it. I wanna cry :(:(:(

Sigh, I'll try again.

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    Just had the same problem on a comment. I guess @dfox is already aware of the problem. They are about to rewrite the app anyways. ☺️
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    Don't know about rants, but comments are usually cached by the app. I use it a lot, start writing, go back to the rant, press post and continue from where it was.
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    Well, about 20 Minutes ago my screen just sort of flashed and I was back on the "Home" page of the app. 🤷
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    Write your rant in a note taking app and copy it over. ☺️
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    Yeah, I was sent to the home screen and the post wasn't cached. Guess I'll wait for the new version then and just keep saving to the clipboard in the meantime.

    @dustypaws: ninja'd :) using select all > copy for now
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    Wow, I didn't know there was a bug like this
    I've posted some pretty long rants, glad it didn't happen to me then
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    > Write your rant in a note taking app
    > and copy it over.

    Why does every app/etc. suffer from this problem, doesn't anything save your work as you type ?

    Didn't ICQ do that..

    That was great in a live chat session, watching the other person live chat and about to type one thing, and then change their mind, delete and say something completely different once you put your foot in it and spoilt the moment..
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    Same thing just happened to me trying to reply to a message about AI !

    Maybe AI is out to get us.. :-)
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    Reminds me of my phone, which doesn't autosave when you close it. (Clamshell design.)

    Previous version by same company, autosaved, so why did they go backwards with a better model to make it worse ?

    And why no auto save every x minutes option..

    And why no, x previous backup file versions option.

    Aren't these things like, standard by now..

    Reminds me of spell checkers as you type, we had then in 1988 !

    But how many decades did it take before they became 'mainstream'..
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    We’re adding an auto-save feature soon, but right now if you want to save a rant or a comment, simply close the window and it gets saved as a draft :)
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    @dfox Great to hear !

    Will the auto-save feature a user selectable time segment, eg. every 1 to 10 minutes, or every X seconds, to keep everyone happy ?

    An undo editing function would be nice too, for the next upgrade after that. :-)

    Undo X times would be handy as well.
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    @Nanos good ideas, but I think to start out it will just be every x seconds. I don’t really see any negative to having it be a pretty quick interval. Undo would be good too.
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    @dfox I was thinking, if you do have it every minute, you might want to randomise during the minute, so that everyone is not polling the servers all at once.

    If second timing, then you want to not base it off say every minute + x seconds, or else again, everyone might be checking at the same time.

    Even perhaps a server side adjustment value so if you notice a spike at 30 seconds, you can add a few seconds to folks drift value to take the load off things.

    Just thoughts off the top of my head. :-)

    I quite fancy the idea of doing an OLR (OffLine Reader.) for here, how well do you think that might go down with users ?
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    @Nanos why bothering the server. I'd safe drafts locally on ever space, newline or full stop. Something like that.
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    @dustypaws Wouldn't you want an option to save it on the server as well as locally, in case your local client suddenly dies.

    I'm reminded of folk using web based email who spend half an hour writing something without saving, and then wham, their browser crashes and they lost all they was working on.

    True though about saving it not so often if you are sending it to the server.

    I'm perhaps thinking of Facebook, doesn't that send everything you type one letter at a time.. ?

    Or is there some other reason why sometimes when you are typing in Facebook its like typing in treacle as e v e r y letter takes like forever to appear !
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    @Nanos I suppose you could send a draft to the server.... But then again, devRant is not that important an application that you NEED your drafts to be saved "off-shore" just in case of an catastrophic event. I guess sooner then later it'll also clutter the database with unpublished and forgotten drafts. Which adds the question how long a drafts lifespan should be. I can already see ppl. screaming: "Where's my Rant, I've only started it 18 days ago, now it's gone!" 😂
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