Trying to re-type a massive essay I lost because the app refreshed for some reason. I'll try to keep it short (spoiler: I lied).

Recently, I had a conversation with a couple of non-tech people about AI and the fear of computers making humans obsolete. I have some strong (borderline ranty) opinions about this, and thought I'd post here to see what reaction is get.

This is not a "machines will destroy us" post, it's more about the very legitimate great of losing jobs.

- AI is a tool. It's main use would to be help optimise the more complex routine tasks and free up people's time to be more creative in their jobs. Basically, it's the next step of automation.
- Human intuition can never be replaced. Sometimes, things just seem a bit off. Sure, an AI would avoid ever getting in that situation, but only if it had learnt it in the past. A human will always have to be at the helm of any such system.
- Achieving true intelligence and sentience is like trying to travel at the speed of light. The closer you get, the more challenges you face.
- Getting hyped by sensationalist news that claims the end is nigh because two computers optimised the language they used to communicate when trying to reach a goal is stupid. All this shows is that the tech is working as expected and the systems can optimise on the fly. To me, this was a pretty awesome moment.

Now, I'm not saying dystopia is impossible, neither am I saying that it is inevitable. Just like any tool presented to us, if we use it responsibly, we can make life and society a lot better.

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    fuck Luddites
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    Your avatar looks like Arnold from Westworld 🤔
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    @CurseMeSlowly Hah! Oh wait...
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    @Nanos 'The last one' just sounds like a higher level programming language to me. Flowchart based coding isn't new e.g: The use of MSC to develop TTCN-3 tests.

    As to your other points:

    Unemployment: @1989 touched on it as well. This problem was faced in the past with introduction of new tech, so we can learn from it. The automation of one type of job also opens up skill requirement in other areas, complementary or otherwise. A phased rollout can minimise disruption and allow other industries to establish alongside the new tech, thus balancing the market. This, ofcourse, would require some responsibility taken by the involved parties. Not sure how that would pan out. People suck.

    Universal basic income: see point above about taking responsibility. Also, this is a very long term consideration.

    Can you explain further what you mean by IQ shredding? Google didn't help me much with that phrase.
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    @Nanos Interesting articles. However, in response to the dumbing down of the population, we would still need more intelligent people to maintain and extend more complex systems. People would need to keep getting smarter for further progress. An 'idiocracy' (electrolytes!) type scenario is highly unlikely given how easily humans get agitated when left to stagnate.

    Also, by the sounds of the articles, IQ shredding actually seems like a human induced problem right now.

    But yes, I see your point, and that's where I believe the responsibility part comes in. I'm sure we can learn from past mistakes and find a better solution this time. And now I'm being naive and overly optimistic.
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