HR: So .. tell us .. where do you see our AI acting in 5 years?

ME: Doing your job minus the stupid questions.


Boss breaks out in laughter.
"Oh boy you're hired"

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    Serious answer they joking about it. I tell you humans are no good nowadays.
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    I really hope that happened
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    @Redp1ll I thought Neo ate you 😁
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    HR is legit a cancer on the earth. I've never been in a company where HR did anything value generating let alone something a machine couldn't easily do.
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    dude those questions are so retarded x-x

    just got asked that recently in an interview, career plans and a re-phrazed version of the 5year bs. then get told i sorta kinda have a job, not officially really. and i'm being jerked around, was told welcome to the team but donno when or if i can hire you.

    ya, ask me about plans then throw fuking curve ghost balls and laugh while i take swings
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    Yeah, if you're a dev AND can make execs/recruiters laugh, that's usually a guaranteed hire.
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    That HR persons name?
    Steve Jobs.
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    And everyone stood up and clapped
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    And then they all clapped 😂
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    @disco Why Steve Jobs? Am I missing something?
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