I can't believe he chose the kid over me.
My boss decided he needs a new team leader, (he led it till now) at start he said none of the team members fit one guy is new, the other is young and this his it's first job after college.
After weeks dragging us, he chose the kid over me.
I am more experienced then him (10 years in the industry) and led the team most of the time.

As "consolation prize" he let me chose a professional course of my choice.

I am so disappointed from his choice and from myself, I just feel like drop it all off and go somewhere else.
I am 3 years there, and people are like "how can it be? You're one of the veterans in the company."
So embarrassing.

Should I stay or should I go

Thanks for reading this long rent.

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    It pays your food right now, so find a new job, maybe use free days in your current company to test ride other companies, but dont just quit, it really could end bad if youre not an easy pick for many.
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    I remember a day like that.

    As I didn't need the money at the time, I left.

    Then a few years later I needed the money.

    Couldn't get a job for the love of Sundays!

    Makes me wonder, are there any companies that aren't like that these days ?
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