Step 1. Get a large touchscreen monitor. Connect it.

Step 2. Modify the driver so touches don't actually cause clicks or anything.

Step 3. Let it play a sudden, loud BEEP instead. Increase the volume for each subsequent touch.

Step 4. Lean back and watch people learn that you don't like your screen being touched.

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    Brilliant 😄
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    @linuxxx now that's against your touch my screen policy.

    Wonderful idea. 😂
    But, generally people don't touch touchscreens randomly often.
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    Best „don’t touch my screen“ rant so far 👍
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    Replace "BEEP" with "STOP TOUCHING MY SCREEN GRRRRAAAA" and it's perfect.
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    My screen, my rules. Do not touch it, please.

    And you MUST keep the beep noise, as it can hurt some ears.
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    You don't need a touchscreen. Just attach a 10M ohm res to it and the floor. Then it detects connections between the screen and the floor.
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    @github no but people touch screens randomly. WHICH IS SUPER ANNOYING!
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    *some actual landline current
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    Reminds me of this from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy:
    > [Arthur] reached out and pressed an invitingly large red button on a nearby panel. The panel lit up with the words *Please do not press this button again.* He shook himself.
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    @tbodt aah that's the reference in firefox' about:robots
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    @PrivateGER or use the meme "Somebody toucha my spaghet" and let it say "Somebody toucha my screen".
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    @tyrogge @PrivateGER damn! You guys beat me to it
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    @PrivateGER stop, it was old as soon as it got popular.
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    @Dacexi I use memes whenever I want to.
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