Dropped out of college. Got a job. Happily earning while doing what I love doing.
I still meet wise asses who tell me “...but you should still go back and get a degree...just to be safe”.

Shut the fuck up guys, just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FUCK DEGREES

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    YES. In the same boat. Glad to know somebody else understands this shit
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    Self taught devs rock!

    Sometimes I wonder if a degree would be of use in this field, but after 10 years without it, I’m starting to think not.
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    I think Degree is important only because at many job roles, minimum education qualification as Graduate is mandatory for applying.
    Apart from this, if it's a normal college/university, students generally learn more by themselves than college.
    But, if we manage to get into good colleges, like best one in respective countries and world renowned ones, I will always prefer such education over work.
    Working with professors who are also involved in comolex research gives great opportunity to explore beyond existence of a known object.

    I always wanted to do MS and then PhD at world renowned University like Carnegie Mellon or Harvard or MIT. They got some of the world's best professors and to be eligible to reach till there, we need to be a graduate.

    Recently, I passed out of college this year and already working at a company. I get to learn so much here too. And hence, currently I am sticking to my job.
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    It's just the fact that if you want to learn, you will learn it. Doesn't depend whether you are working or studying. The only factor is getting the right exposure and opportunities, which is not always available to many of us.
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    Degree is more like a guarantee of certain level of knowledge, its true that you may know stuff and not have a degree, but it normally doesnt tend to work other way around.
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    Yeah it’ll be useful when robots take over our jobs and we have to start over in another industry, although most of them is already gone by then.
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    @vicary hopefully i’ll be dead by then, or have enought money to invest and watch it grow.
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    @Nanos dev job was meant to automate, now we automated the automating process. Man that’s meta.
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    If your profession is regulated you pretty much have to if it's a requirement.
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    Story of my life
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    Good for you! In my country you need a degree so the company can file your hire to the goverment so you can get some administrative benefits you couldn't without the degree.

    They've even asked me to send a copy of the degree just for that
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    I wasted 5 years in college. So don't go back . Just don't.
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    I went to college for a few semesters. Major in Comp Sci but after taking 2 actual classes of benefit and 7 classes that were interesting but pointless I said fuck this and got a job.
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    Wouldn't be where I am if I didn't earn my college degree, my professors were evil and hard, but I learned a lot. College FTW, but to each their own. Also was taught how to deal with snarky business people 😄
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    dropped out ..found a good job worked long enough to realize I can't be promoted without a degree..went back to school while working and finally was able to move up..school doesn't teach you anything useful but the degree is what employers look for to promote you..so unless you plan on starting out on your own and being the next Bill Gates , it may not be a bad idea to keep taking a few credits and continue doing what you love at your job..
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    I am considering quiting university too now. I have at least Bc. degree, but I can't take that anymore. I work part-time now and the boss told me that he would give me full-time contract if I quit but would be happier if I stay. So what now :/ ?
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    @sudoguy Don’t just quit because your boss is asking you to. Quit if you really believe that you have the skills to make it in this industry and you don’t need a degree to prove it.
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    I did the same thing.
    College was expensive, pointless, and infuriating.

    Microsoft Sam would have made a better teacher -- at least he'd be speaking English.
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    My boss actually wants me to finish the school but will support me if I decide otherwise. It is like you said. I want to prove that I do not need degree to be good in this industry.
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    @sudoguy Thats great man! Do what you think is right. All the best 👍🏻
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    @devaalok Thanks for the support :)
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    I've talked to a CTO I know and he said what matters most (to him and many others) is your portfolio and ability to start and finish something, and do it well. Although you will always come across people who want your degree and nothing else, if you show you have the ability to finish something and do so with polish that says a lot on its own, and you will find work somewhere.
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