A friend of mine and fellow Dev is facing deportation back to Mosul, Iraq. He's in Sheffield UK doing his PhD, and was taken to a detention centre in the early hours of the morning a few days ago.

I am sorry to spam this place but I am desperately trying to get this petition out there. It hurts like hell to see a friend in jail over Christmas.


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    I'm confused. We let lowlifes with copious amounts of reasons to be suspected be (be it terrorism or serial killers), but somehow a PhD student becomes an HVT? I'm not informed enough to make a judgement, but somehow, just seeing how unfair the system tends to be against honest people, I suspect they're overdoing it with your friend...
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    @CptFox That's what we are hoping. The amount of civilians getting actually deported back to a war zone is low.

    However, we are really worried about how long they might keep him. Plus, conditions are really shit in the place:

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    @benoliver999 Mosul is no longer a war zone, nevertheless I've signed. I'm all for tighter immigration controls but not like this!
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