Making a Snake game. Let me explain.. I had just "finished"(We all know there is no finishing side projects) my first big, at least for me, project. An io game called torpedoed.fun [http://torpedoed.fun]. And yes, it is a desktop only, and also yes, it is not that fun of a game. Torpedoed.fun taught me a lot about developing such as how to debug effectively, backend communication, how to host a website, planning, and much more. After learning all this from torpedoed.fun, I decided to start a new project, a simple clone of the classic Snake game. I, to my surprise, was able to immediately think of several ways of implementing various parts of the game. I developed the entire game in the span of a few hours with hardly any problems! This experience of developing without constantly debugging every line of code felt amazing. If I wasn't addicted to programming before that Snake game, I was afterwards!

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