Bloody idiot online retailer sent me a used SSD.

I found out with a SMART scan; I was so pissed I wanted to drive over to the store and punch the owner's lights out!

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    What the fuck O_O
    @jase make sure it's pure iron he'll need it
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    I got used juice maker, now THAT IS DIGUSTING!
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    If it's a juicero it doesn't really matter. Turns out they didn't really do anything.... 😋😁
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    When I got a bad working external hdd for my ps4, 250gig I took it back to the store and calm and nicely explained that I do know accidents happen and that I just wanted to return this defective product and get a replacement, the lady behind the counter teared up a bit and thanked me profusely for not coming in that day to yell and scream at her for a defective drive, turns out the new drives somehow hot swapped for warranty exchange ones so all day she was yelled at, it was the end of her shit when I came in and she was glad I was nice and willing to forgive and forget so easily, she gave me a brand new, 4tb external just for being a nice person, said she would eat the cost as a thank you
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    @gears thats how it should be done. Good job sir.
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    @gears from my experience in electronic retail, I'd give you a hug and probably find a reason to discount you *something* for being a reasonable human being. But at least a hug. There aren't enough reasonable people left...
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    @gears Learned something from you today 👌
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    @jAsE Gimme
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    @jAsE that will work I guess
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