You know how it is when all your friends know you as the "computer guy".

Friend: Yo, I need this small script for school, can you do it for me?

Me: I don't really...

Friend: Come on, pretty please.

Me: See I...

Friend: I'll pay you good for this.

Me: Oh... What language does it have to be in, Python? JavaScript? Ruby? Perl? I don't know it but it shouldn't be too hard, I can learn it. Bash? Not a fan but it's quite easy. So what is it?


Friend: Visual Basic

Me: oh...

This was last week. 2017. A couple of days before 2018. Some schools still teach VB. Not even VB .NET.

(He had about 200 good reasons so I did it anyway. But boy, has that been a chore)

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    as in VB 6? I thought Microsoft stopped issuing licenses for it long time ago
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    @bondman as in VBScript and VBA
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    @LiquidLemon ah okay..powershell would have been a better choice but it appears like you dont have a say in it :)
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    VB6 still exists in some colleges as well!
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    @swamyrara interesting and it runs on win 10?
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    @bondman honestly anything that has relevant documentation published after 2010 would be better
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    You guys in India ? I had Vb6 during my second year. 2014. Had a project in the next semester in vb6. 2015.
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    Reminds me of when a partner of mine wanted some homework done in Turbo Pascal.

    Of which I had no experience of, nor a machine to run it on..

    But I did have a handy A2 folded cheat sheet comparing the most common commands between a dozen different languages to go on, and it was one of the included ones !

    It worked fine time and she got an A for it, special mention because I was able to use a single variable for two purposes.

    Many years later, in college, we got to use it again, then I noticed its maths routines are screwed, so when I had to do banking simulators in it, I had to make sure it didn't loose 0.2% of its money during transactions like everyone else's did. :-)

    Those was great days, in class as the tutor was writing the homework on the board, I had coded the solution, printed out the documentation to go with it and handed it already.

    A friend of mine next to me said he hadn't even written down the problem yet!

    The I would walk around the class helping everyone else.
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    @A4Abhiraj nah, and it's a mostly non-technical school anyway
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    Wow I remember the good ol' days of Turbo Pascal! They were dull lessons and it was a rather cumbersome language as I recall. Loops within loops!
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    @bondman Win7 in some compatibility mode I guess.
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    What happens when you add vodka to you...
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    > Loops within loops!

    That reminds me of DBase II, no GOTO !

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