I've taken over a project with legacy code, this is one of the methods:

private bool areEqual(string value1, string value2)
return value1 == value2;

Also, the opening brackets are on a new line

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    This is what happens when you pay devs by code quantity. 😁
    Anyway, that opening curly braces.. 😐😓😢
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    Assuming this is Java I'm afraid this is one of those "how has this ever worked" type of moment
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    @daarkfall It's C#, they have bools instead of booleans. But yeah, otherwise a reference comparison wouldn't be beneficial ;)
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    Isn't it common practice to place brackets on the new line? I know it is for PHP.
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    @dennie170 It's also is with the C family. That said with Java and I think Go it is common to put the opening brace on the same line as the declaration.
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    The opening bracket is just where it's supposed to be if you follow the defacto C# standard written by Juval Löwy. To not turn this into a bracket war, I don't care where you put yours as long as you follow a standard. I chose the defacto, and it's working well for us.
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    Whats so Bad with that curly braces other than that they are useless?
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    Opening brackets are in correct position for C#. It's the whole method which is useless when we have string.Equal() and many more built-in helpers.
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    for real?
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