Man, this community is great. I have 2 "rants" already and, from what I can tell, I haven't been shitposted on! Now that I've spoken of the devil, let the shitposting commence!

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    Better than reddit here tbh.
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    @SirWindfield I like Reddit for certain stuff. Obviously it's a broader community, but for it's own niche devrant is amazing. I prefer DevRant to Facebook, that's for sure.
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    are you kidding me? you a noob! idiot. be you know nothing about development. you suck. stop posting here. we hate noobs.
    //I'm kidding
    //Welcome to devRant
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    The only people that get shit posted on.. are idiots that do shit posting. I've only came across one here.
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    @joehop67 for sure. I like it more because you are more anonymously then on Facebook. No images of yourself, nothing. Just you, your coding skills and your dry jokes hehe
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    People will dislike your posts when you post something against Linux, otherwise you're safe.

    Welcome to devRant...
    - Windows user
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    @achehab Linux? Windows is the feature, just watch. People will remember this moment, the moment I made the prediction and was right, muhahahaha
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    @achehab lol. (I probably should say something mean to you too...) I do love linux.
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    ^^^^ hahaha just say the word linux and they will wake up :D
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    @achehab don't wake up the fedoras!
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    devRant is a special community. Talented devs, mutual respect and fun.
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    And Linux fanatics
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