Should a developer really have to be a jack of all trades? I write code, but at work I feel like I am always getting pulled into sysadmin debacles. I am not a sysadmin or an ops person. I am a developer, not a systems guy.

If you want me to be a systems guy, then train me to be one. You hired me to write code, not to troubleshoot shitty IBM Application Servers.

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    Unfortunately, if your in a small place then, yes you’ll be expected to deal with these issues unless you speak out and say you don’t know what you’re doing at the sys level.
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    @C0D4 this is one of the biggest IT departments in the country. They are just too cheap to hire the right people.
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    @deusprogrammer 💩
    I would try and force the issue that they need to hire someone more suited for the job otherwise welcome to the full stack world.
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    I would explain that it’s better to have a dedicated person to take care of that kind of shit. I explain extreme scenarios like everything will blow up in a day Or some thing of that kind 😂
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    I am fullstack. But I write code...I am not a sysadmin. And no one should expect one person to be the full time person for everything. I am willing to help. Not do all of it all the time. If they want that, train me and then pay me more.
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    @deusprogrammer yep at least you should get paid more
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    I absolutely agree with this. I was hired in initially as an Android dev, one year later was forced to do iOS and now I am the system admin and the DBA. Though it's a lot, You end up learning alot of stuff compared to focusing on only one role.
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    I do:
    • Backend (Rails)
    • Frontend (React, Angular)
    • Design (Branding, Sass, Susy)
    • DevOps (server provisioning, security)
    • Tech support (everyone else are non-techies)
    • Translating tech to 5th grade English (see above)
    • Mac tech support (despite that I'm a Mac newb)
    • ...

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