Bind's top {number} dev tools to make your 2018 easier!

//note 0: feel free to add your own
//note 1: no ides, only stuff thats useful for everyone

0) vscode, it got significantly better after the latest updates and is very versatile
1) gitkraken, now i use sourcetree because of the jira integration but kraken is available for linux too so
2) scaleway, they provide really cheap servers for whatever you want, easy to install images (docker too)
3) protonmail, an encrypted mail service that works a lot better than gmail (tutanota is a close 2nd but has a weeb name)
4) telegram, if you can, tell your team to ditch slack, because telegram is a lot more lightweight and even if you dont, just the channels make it worth giving it a shot
5) steemit, a blockchain based website where the users write the articles, you can find some good reads there (and photography if you like that stuff)
6) a dildo because it wouldnt be a bindview content without out of context penile objects

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    1. vscode is an ide and should be omited by your own rules.
    4. hell no on telegram. Keybase has groups now.
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    @PerfectAsshole vsc is a text editor ya dingus
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    Don't be sexist. Add these now

    7) a vibrator
    8) a vagina torch
    9) silicone dolls
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    @CurseMeSlowly but a dildo is like java. Works on everyone.
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    I'm a bit iffy on Steemit. There was some controversy on the founder that made me avoid it for now.
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    @TheCapeGreek o, didnt know. Have a link?
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    @BindView Wish I did. Was a few months back. But just search for Steemit controversy and you'll find it.

    Regardless, I see the platform gaining traction so I might hop back on if they haven't deleted my account by now.
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    @TheCapeGreek oh you mean the censorship thing?
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    I checked scaleway but most of their servers are out of stock 😓
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    @gitpush oh FUCK thanks mate, i grabbed another instance before they run out, but they usually clean out the dead ones in january so
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    @BindView I'm at work and can't get a new instance because I can't login without ssh keys, and I don't want work ssh keys on my server :/
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    @gitpush get the instance, then replace the ssh key in .ssh/authorized_keys with your personal one asap?
    (Make sure to have both keys in there first, then remove the work key after you've successfully used your personal one to log in, so you don't get locked out by mistake 🤣)
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    @Artemix i dont give a rats ass about security, i like telegrams features thats all
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    @endor hahaha thanks man I ended up creating an ssh key login, add user with password, and now about to create ssh keys for my laptop. At least I got the instance 😅😅
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    @BindView @irene i stand corrected i was under the impression that it was an ide
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