Because a free memory is a wasted memory!

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    Jase! You're alive!

    Psst: Discord...
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    Chromium* because for some people that's true but also because fuck Google.
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    I don't know where u got all the problems I never got that.
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    @jAsE but free memory IS wasted memory. It is not in use while it could be in use to cache things which in turn makes things run faster.
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    You would hate arch Linux. It purposefully uses 100% memory all the time because then you aren't wasting any resources.
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    Had 14 non special tabs open that used 2-2.5GB RAM yesterday...had 14more open before that used 5.5GB. k Chrome guess it's time to put Quantum on the mainstage now
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    This should be valid for an OS or a resource intensive sw... Not for a (spy) browser
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    Modern browsers are almost an OS until themselves at this point though. You can even compile C code into WebAssembly *in the browser* and then run that code.

    What a time to be alive.
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    @tullo-x86 ok...so you can enjoy chrome OS
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    Chrome took me for 4gb today.. For fucks sake Chrome, take it easy
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    @rantOverflow Yup, still better than integrated proprietary Google libraries.
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    @Jop- Well it's better than vivaldi imo and what other options do I have? I use Chromium whenever Firefox can't handle something (with all the privacy addons).

    I'll believe that edge doesn't track anything the second anyone can verify that through their source code.
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    @linuxxx speaking of open source code stuff, correct me if i'm wrong, you can check the source code of android, linux, chromium (not chrome) ... But if you don't compile by yourself, you cannot be sure that the installer or the version installed use exactly that source code
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    @dontbeevil That's pretty much true. That's why I'll be compiling Signal from source code soon so that I'll truly have an open source version :)
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    @dontbeevil To elaborate more, you're right.

    Some people use that statement as an excuse to say that it doesn't matter whether you use open source or closed source software though and that's not true.

    With OSS you at least have the option/possibility to check it, with CSS (Closed source software), that option doesn't even exist thus making it that you have to take the software company/devs word for it that its secure/doesn't contain nasty stuff.

    At my work we try to use oss as much as possible but on the servers, as for the security software, we find oss a requirement for obvious reasons :)
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    @jAsE actually yes, in most cases empty RAM is basically wasted RAM. https://howtogeek.com/128130/...
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