This maybe not related.
Since the Dutch population is active in here, I have a question.

Today I was touring around Haarlem, it's a beautiful city but there's this green phone booths stack statue in the city, I loved everything i saw today about it, but still I don't understand why is e=mc2 written wrong "e=cm2" ?

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    Maybe it's some Dutch sense of humour XD
    I respect that
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    You can write it both ways, mathematically.
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    Where are these ancient booths? Just created something use an old ptt telecom 9v isdn adapter today...
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    @bcye no, it is not (mc) ^2, only the c is squared
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    @jobylie oh lol wut? Didn't notice the m was squared
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    its an artwork by Jan and Paul Schietekat, criticising Flemish architecture and the importance of measurements. or smt. the internet, full of info.
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    Im dutch, ive got no clue, can ask the girlfriend of my friend who is coming by tomorrow. She lives in Haarlem
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    E is actually a new unit which means 1 square centimeter

    That is, 1 E = 0.0001 sq. meter
    (Or 0.00107639 sq. ft)
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    @bcye no you can't - the c^2 is its own unit, squaring the mass would give an incorrect answer
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    I wonder what new unit would be one square inch..

    And is the US inch the same as the UK inch ?

    Or is it like the difference between US and UK Nautical Miles..
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