Two friends (doing part time degree in Digital System Security awarded by a pretty well known Aussie Uni) hired me to do their final year project.
I was like "Sure,extra money + a project to apply my newly learned laravel skills". So,I quoted them a certain price for the whole project. Remember,even after I started the project, they have no clear vision. Both of them are like "Sure,man whatever is easier for you". And the system at their uni is that they need to meet with their project supervisor every 2 weeks. If the supervisor wanted to change sth,they relay it to me and I need to add/modify...so the same process has been going on for about 2 months. I was expecting to finish the project within the first month but now they keep requesting.. What I've charged was for their supposedly version 1.
So my mistakes here -
Working with friend/ not setting a line between work and friendship.
Charging by the whole project(without even really knowing what the customers are expecting) should have charged hourly rate.
The good thing here is that I was thinking about going for a part time degree(still thinking about it) previously it was 100% now it's only 50-50

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