Tried to make my qr code look fancy, and it didn't turn out well. My guess is the main part of the qr code must be darker than the complementary part?

(The one in the image doesn't work)

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    makes you think qr scanners need an invert function
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    @Floydian true
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    @Floydian I find them amazing. I often use them to quickly send links from my PC to the phone.
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    @Floydian qr code is pretty popular in China. Instead of swiping cards or paying with cash, ppl simply scan the code and enter the amount of payment. (Also because Android and Apple pay are crippled in China)
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    @RememberMe No, as I use duckduckgo as search engine I just write "qr " into the address bar, paste the url and hit enter.
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    @Floydian With QR it takes me around 10 seconds to get the URL to the phone, fast enough for me.
    My phone doesn't have Android, so syncing isn't really an option.

    I do most important things on my desktop or laptop anyways and these are always synced.
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    @Floydian the social app which I use for scanning the code allow me to extract QR code from image lol
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