So I was just about to learn Angular for my job. Right after I installed it and initialized the first app folder I was told I don't need to learn it anymore.

Me being happy, right click folder, delete...

Deleting 30.035 files (225 MB)


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    I think that pretty much sums up Angular.
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    There are a lot of dev tools that aren't delivered to the client.
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    javascript sucks
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    @lucavinci I like that it's prototypal and that functions are just objects, and everything is a function. JIT compilation is also nice.
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    @rjedlin i know that it is useful but i really don't like it. Maybe writing "sucks" was too harsh
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    @Root that pretty much sums up Js everywhere really. Lightest thing I have seen is Vue.
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    @MonsieurMan shit forgot about that haha thanks for the reminder bro
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    That's all the tooling and the compilers taking that size, if you run "ng build --prod" you'll see that its very small.
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    I fucking hate angular and all this js frameworks trend ... can't wait to finish this stupid web app and go back to .net native app development
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    "I fucking hate frameworks! I can't wait to get back to a different framework."
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    @rjedlin nope, you missed 2 things
    1- is not js
    2-. Net give you more performance and use less resources

    P. S.
    Actually the first sentence should have been clearer if I wrote: "i fucking hate all this js frameworks and web apps trend"
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    You need react then... It probably the same size
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