The Evolution of software engineersđŸ˜€

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    I’m skinny as hell, ‘cause I have no time for eating while I’m coding
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    @ThatDude I'm not really a fan of the whole "eating has nothing to do with your size" myth.

    I eat food in gigantic portions, and I'm pretty skinny (160 pounds at 6 feet tall)

    I literally ate 1600 calories worth of Pizza Rolls in one sitting.

    And people always wonder how I am not fat, and it's because I don't snack all day. That day I had 1600 calories of Pizza Rolls, I only had like 2200 calories overall through the entire day.

    People who are overweight (in my experience) tend to eat in normal portions, they just do it a lot.

    Rant over, this is something that is just on my mind sometimes since it's mentioned to me a lot.
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    @ThatDude also I know you weren't being literal, it's just a lot of people do subscribe to the idea that fat people were born fat and can't do anything about it.
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