Évolution.. so basically I have tried to grow a beard but it was too annoying and too scratchy so I dropped.. like all those side projects I guess...

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    I don't get and I don't like long beard but 3 days or 1 week long is ok with me. Longer is just hipster
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    I have a constant one-week beard just to save time.
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    Maybe there are so many things to learn an stay up to, that some of us don't have the time to shave or dress properly? Lol
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    "Too annoying and too scratchy!"
    Same story here bro
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    My beard has never bothered me, but I hear that using beard oil helps if it feels scratchy.
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    As a Chinese, my beard has never been long enough to be scratchy. Much envy.
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    Lol. Dress like that only when checking the log files
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