Had this conversation with a friend a while ago (not dev related). He convinced me to start working on a design! (detail: he doesn't know me well, know him through a best friend but I consider him a friend)

Friend: *shows new tattoo* what ya think?
Me: awesome man! I still idk maybe want a tattoo too...
Friend: ohhh! What of?
Me: uhm well... my favourite music genre... uhm...
Friend: what's up with your doubts?
Me: well.... everyone always tells me not to tattoo anything relating to music because musical taste cab change easily...
Friend: may I guess the genre?
Me: yeah sure :)
Friend: hardstyle, maybe raw hardstyle/rawstyle?
Me: yup!
Friend: well why wouldn't you get a tattoo of it?!
Me: well, I mean what if my taste changes?
Friend: dude. do you have the slightest clue how fucking happy/energetic you look when you hear that music?! It'd be hard to imagine you losing your love for that genre! And if then, then what? That genre has gotten you through the darkest places, most difficult times and has pretty much made you into the person you are right now, even if you'd change factories genres, it'd be a reminder of how you beat getting bullied and became the person you are now!
Me: yeah.... but everyone keeps telling me that its not a good ide..'
Friend: fuck them. You love this music to the fucking point, you told me earlier that you'd like to start producing it!
Fuck those people. If you'd like it, go get that fucking tattoo!

I love that guy!

Anyone into electronic music production here? I could use some tips 😅

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    I want a smallish-simple tattoo on my wrist for personal reasons, buuuuut, my mom would kill me. D:
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    I make some EDM when I have spare time.

    If you want to be a pro at it, consider buying Ableton Live or FL Studio. They are pricy, but awesome.

    If you want freebies, use LMMS, it is FOSS, but you may find the UI daunting. And the translations are overall pretty bad. Don't expect translations like Blender.

    Personally, I use Caustic 3 or sometimes Tracktion (free one is T6 DAW).
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    I hope you're joking, majority of people my age respect and fear their parents.
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    >Ableton Live
    >Fl Studio
    >Knowing full well @linuxxx runs **Linux**

    Damn, son. (/s cause I'm joking)
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    You'd be surprised. You must be in one of the better parts of the country/state; other places have kids running amok with no regard for their parents.
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    @linuxxx I keep reminding you. I'm really in to music production. If you have any questions or anything. You can ask me.
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    What do you mean?
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    @Torbuntu I tried to break that open project limitation but.... 😭😭😭😭😭
    Damn, no one made a repack of FL..... Can I get a copy? Lol (sorry nsa)
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    @Torbuntu Yah, and I feel sorry for them too.
    I only pirated 1 program ever since.

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    So you like Hardstyle? Maybe I got something for you :P

    https://youtu.be/LfhiHn0u-tk I've actually been there at that very night, was fucking awesome
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    Now I'm expecting @linuxxx to be a hakker.
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    Love hardstyle as well. Any chance seeing you on qdance events? Plan on going to Defqon.1 and maybe qlimax this year.
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    I had assumed all children respected their parents. I never noticed how people in my area behaved, but I assume it wasn't bad.

    I guess it does have to do with culture. Western parents are less likely to punish their children than others, so it all has to do with the way the child was raised.
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    Omg you guys were right when you said people don't obey their parents.

    I'm in class listening (not necessarily eavesdropping) to my classmate's conversation.

    The girl next to me said that her mom would cry and kick her out of the house if she gets a tattoo, yet she's going to sneak out and get it anyway. D:
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