So the devDucks arrived today and the dog is more excited than I am. He's been staring at the box the whole time.

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    Landscape dating, hmm which one? 🤔
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    Lookin' (C)Sharp! ;)

    (MRMCD-Stickers! You've been to congress, I presume. :>)
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    That doggo needs a cape too.
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    They're staring down the new kids on the block... Either that, or the dog is blinded by the DevDuck awesomeness and can't C#.
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    @nin0x03 sadly I didn't have the money do I had to watch online :/
    Going to be there this year, though.
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    He is worried that ,
    U may not take care of him any more!

    Sorry if I assumed wrong gender
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    @IRonnyc Aye, same for me. Vaguely planning to go this year also, though. :)
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    Your dog: "You're telling me that's not a chew toy and you're just going to talk to it, you're crazy man I'm out"
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    @nin0x03 well maybe we'll see each other there ^^
    Maybe one could organize a devrant meet-up there? 🤔
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    @IRonnyc Yeah, that'd be nice. :)
    When I'm sure about being there, I'll organize one.
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    Haha, awesome!
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    Upvoted cause it's dfox. nuff said.
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