When you manage an Instagram account which shares tech memes😂

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    @J-2FA Shhh don't show your hand. Just play the "fuck off I can't" card lol
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    @J-2FA ohhh yeah I created a .exe file that lunches cmd you enter only site he wants to "hack" and username and it shows random letters like matrix for 3 hours and then it laugh and print explanation that this was a joke and that not every dev is hacker and can brute force password.
    You just send that to anybody asking for help like this and well they will never write you again.
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    Genius! Share that on github!
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    I myself send these kinda messages to Facebook pages just to mess with them 😂
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    @ChachiKlaus cannot you create your own I don't have it since I'm using Linux for a long time and needed to format HDD few times
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    Haha I was being facetious. Yeah it'll be a fun project. Just figured you'd get a lot of stars that way.
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