I’m not a native english speaker.. had lots of interviews but all rejected me... I guess I was not good at delivering or explaining things... is this language barrier really is important.. working in canada

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    Yes, unfortunately it is. If you're developing alone, it's important to just understand discussions on forums, which you probably do.
    But when it comes to team work, any problems in understanding each other will translate to serious problems in development.

    For starters, try to lower your salary expectations if it gets really hard. You'll work your way up in time.

    Good luck and don't give up!
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    English is important. Especially if you have to talk/communicate with clients.
    Not all clients have 'picture perfect' English, but it helps a lot if you can see where something is just not right.
    Otherwise you could end up talking about thing A & they keep replying about thing B & later it ends up as a huge mess..
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    Just say sorry once in a while
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    @AndSoWeCode i’ve had a year of trying to pursue this career in dev but i guess i should just give up and just do odd jobs for the rest of my life...

    @sladuled I understand the risks and I’ve been trying to overcome that.. I guess it’s a pain..
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    @rui725 Don't give up because of english. Did they even say that was the reason??
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    @sladuled I mean I answered they’re questions.. but somehow they just didn’t want me.. sometimes they say elaborate more sometimes they say lack of experience sometimes they say doesn’t fit with the company.. what else can I do?
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    @rui725 I'm still not sure it's the language barrier, but yes, I see how it can be a problem to explain something to someone if you're not at home with the language..
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    @sladuled It’s really hard imagine to do that for a year really just pursuing it.. and then comes in the gap in experience and all that stuff..
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    @rui725 just try more. Lower salary expectations, maybe try to go on meetups with other IT people, which should improve your communication skills and confidence.
    If you can, and want to work as a dev, there's no reason not to keep trying.
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    @rui725 i think you are not habituated to talk in English. There are certain apps where you can practice and improvise your English speaking. Link for one of the android app -


    You can improve a lot within a month. All the Best :)
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