I swear to god, if I read another medium post on how you managed to be focused and productive I will fucking... well... roll my eyes, make a facepalm and rant about it on devRant!

Who gives a shit if I'm unproductive and unfocused?!

Well, look at me now, I'm fucking productive while I write about you, you fucking peace off shit! And guess what? I'm not even using any of your 40 todo apps or time trackers. There is no pomodoro timer next to me or framed quotes from Steve Jobs hanging on the wall. Oh, I must be a fucking genius!

But what if YOU became unproductive?
What will happen when YOU start to procrastinate?

Do you really think the world would care?

Oh, but you are not really a writer are you? you're a developer building your app!?
Well fuck, I guess you're going to change the world than?
It's your big project. Your life's work, your legacy.

Let me remind you...

All apps will be abandoned!
All blog post will be forgotten!
Productive people will die!
Focused people will die!
Enthusiastic bloggers writing about productivity will die!
All CEOs and CTOs will die!
All developers will die!
Steve Jobs is dead!
In x years, you and I will also be dead!

Whatever you do, it's not really that important!
It's really not.

You're not going to change the world.
The world doesn't need another app.
The world doesn't need your advice on how to be productive.
You are not special.

Deal with it!

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    Definitely didn't spend most of yesterday's "working from home" watching skiing videos on YouTube. Nor the evening drinking booze left from Christmas.
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    Think about it this way, what good will it do to not be productive? What good will it do to not offer something to the world and sit doing nothing like lazy fool. Why should you use things others created if you're not willing to offer something in return?
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    @Michelle why do you think the alternative is to be a lazy fool?

    I actually think that constantly worrying about productivity and ones impact on the world is doing more harm than good.
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    Well hey but just cause the food I eat today will exit my backside as crap tomorrow and I will still be hungry doesn't mean that I should stop eating altogether...
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    @cyberlord64 I agree. It doesn't.
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    Being productive doesn't mean you're going to be famous. It's about doing something, not getting publicity for it.

    On days where I'm not productive, I feel really low like I've wasted the day away, but on days where I've been very productive my mood increases.
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    Yes @Michelle, even the dark passenger agrees with that. his opinion doesn't make any sense, there's no logic in his "argument".

    a single CPU isn't "productive" when running several CPU intensive tasks because of the cost of changing context
    so why would a human be productive by doing multitasking (coding, ranting, Facebook, etc, at the "same time")

    it's fucking simple, you're less productive than the guy that wrote the article about it and you don't admit it
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    And you're less productive than everyone who commented on this post.
    I've accomplished a lot more than you have, tell me, what have *you* done exactly?
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