Me: You've got a good alternative?
devRanters: Nah, not really.

Me: 😑

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    @f7u12 They all suck, too. Or so I've heard.
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    Don't use CMS. Quite simple, all those all in one packages suck
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    i believe everyone says to not have an alternative altogether.
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    BTW, almost every other thing with PHP sucks and we don't have alternatives. (at least for PHP lovers)
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    You all bitch and moan about PHP. PHP7 is listed as something that this very website uses.

    Personally, I get where the hate comes from. PHP is the language I used to learn most programming constructs that I use today. That doesn't mean it's perfect, and in retrospect you see languages like Python and can see why people hate PHP. The syntax is a hot mess, and some things don't seem to be right, and others seem ass-backwards.

    Shared hosting is still forced to use it, and personally I like WordPress, despite its faults. Yes, I've developed WordPress themes in the past. Pretty fuckin' simple for something that everyone claims to be trash.

    Web shit aside, before I dropped language learning in favor of this shitty college coursework, I was in the middle of the Rust borrowing system and structs...
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    @f7u12 Completely agree Re: depends on client, project, etc.

    I find the blanket statement that it _all_ sucks _all the time_ too strong.

    Then again, a "It depends..." rant isn't as powerful.
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    @Froot How do you build fairly simple landing pages/PR sites that need a contact form now and "maybe" a blog and "some advanced features" in the future?

    Also, do you fire up your favorite code editor every time your client wants to add a new page or change some content?

    I'm not trolling. Honest curiosity.
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    @Charon92 Looks good, thanks for sharing!
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    @freakko This is probably one of my fav points thus far in - WordPress has faults and isn't the best from the developer's standpoint - but it sure as hell gets the job done for most client-based projects.

    Meanwhile, people talk shit about WordPress in favor of Wix at my local Chamber of Commerce...and I cringe, thinking "You guys support small business? There are people making a living by doing web design for clients, and you want to shit all over them by automating it?"

    Sorry, I just don't like the idea of automating tasks that humans do to earn a paycheck, unless there are jobs that can be done far better than humans. Web design involves creativity, so a custom WordPress theme can't be recognized but a fucking Wix template probably could. I don't believe that web design can be done better by a computer. There is a good level of creativity that goes into the frontend - that's probably the only thing I like about it. Otherwise you'll find me masochistically hurting my brain over how to do backend stuff - a torture I love to hate, but don't we all?

    People hate me for it, but a good economy involves people using their skills in return for a medium that other people trade their skills for - that medium is money. It's already fucked up as-is, so could we not fuck it up any more than it has been?
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    As a cms I haved used wordpress for small shit and it works fine. That is what it was meant for. Niukkas complaining bout shit like if they were supposed to be able to build facebook with it. Need some shit that displays simple af content: wordpress, drupal, joomla, october, whatever.

    Hating on shit is a waste of time.
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    @freakko I don't do these kinds of jobs. I work on and support the same app for years, so for me it's always 100% custom built.
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    @Froot Could you elaborate possible duplication or de-duplication efforts? The same app for every project? How does that work? Just curious, it sounds interesting.

    Most people I know that do this type of stuff do use WordPress, so hearing from someone who creates the base product AND customizes it per client is relatively interesting.
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    @Charon92 yea October CMS is pretty good..well atleast as compared to WordPress
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    For something small onepage/blog this will do imho

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    @Triskelion Oh yeah, I remember Grav. Last I used it, it required PHP just like WordPress, but I remember REALLY LIKING specifically the markdown and the UX/UI!!

    What's changed between right now and this time last year? Have I missed anything major?
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    @mgagemorgan No no I think you got it wrong 😄
    What I meant to say is that I don't do projects like these at all. What I do is help companies build webapps from scratch. We usually work on the same project for a loooooong time.
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    @Froot Oh. Gotcha. If it works out long-term, that's better than what I THOUGHT you were doing, my bad...
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    Not that much I like the architecture.
    Twig for templating.
    Markdown for content.
    Yaml for data instead of a database.
    For small sites it's blazing fast to whip it up—maintainable and secure.
    Personally I don't use the admin panel if I need to download a plug-in I use the cli tools.

    I haven't used October CMS for a project. I do use laravel for projects.
    Imho October CMS doesn't add something usefull it creates a kinda WordPress pages/posts/editor. To me it feels like bloatware. Then again I'm a hardcore cli user I prefer imagemagick above Photoshop 🤓

    I do have my eye on jigsaw

    It uses the blade templating engine.
    This makes it a perfect option to plan towards the future if you want to add functionality.
    Jigsaw->laravel lumen->Laravel
    Upgrade as you go.

    PS instead of bootstrap etc.
    Try out tailwind css
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    It's not a conventional css framework.

    It's a solution to the css issues
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