I'm looking for a (second) VPS provider and stumbled upon one called SSDNodes. They have a 8GB RAM offer for $120/yr. Which sounds far better than the popular choices like DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc.

But the only reviews I can find about them are from their blog or some unknown websites.

Has anyone used them or heard about them? Also, any alternative suggestions? I'm going to be using it for Docker powered personal web projects. Not expecting a lot of users.

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    Bought it. It costs two times less than my current VPS and offers better specs. We'll see if it turns to be any good.
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    Interested.... Keep us posted!
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    DO just updated their plans today and its fucking awesome.
    Take a look there, it was a huge boost.

    @dfox tagging you in case you don't know yet :)
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    @azous thanks! We saw the other day and this is certainly great news that will help us a lot. We’re going to be doubling the power of our db servers within the next few weeks!
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    @dfox me too! So excited 😍😍
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    As always, I'm going to recommend Contabo. 9€/mo for a quad-core 12GB RAM 300GB SSD VPS. I even have a few production sites running on one, although the latency is noticeably higher than Linode.
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