Fello SASS users!

I'm still an avid user of Compass, but since it doesn't support new versions of SASS I know I should move on

One of the main reasons I've stayed with it, is for its configuration file.

So what do you guys use now? Is Node SASS the way?

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    Man, I love SASS. It's so nice to work with. In my workspace, I use Gulp (so I use gulp-sass). It compiles, autoprefixes, and minifies my SASS files as CSS files, which I use in the browser. Here's a screenshot of my gulpfile:
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    I've never used Compass, but SASS have neat stuff like mixins (grouping of declerations), nesting, variables, and partials (a sass file that won't be generated into CSS). It also has some form of inheritance, but I haven't looked into that part yet.
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    I've used node-sass for a few years now, works great 👍
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