I cannot spell for shit, so my coworker keeps commenting on my pull requests with spelling fixes...

Decided to buy this for him today...

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    Mist-rake.. Ruby dev by any chance?
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    Where did u get that??? I need that for me, I'm a terrible speller.
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    @odd13 Had it printed, there is a printing place at my nearest shoppign center, gave them the text and picked it up 10min later.
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    @RTRMS aaahhhhhhh nice! I will shop around.
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    Love it, my mug says "made of china" on one side and "thanks for reading this, not that anyone is" on the other. Love the sass it gives me.
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    Printing mine tomorrow on a heat sensitive mug:

    git clone milk/sugar (example)

    and when hot:

    git commit -am 'coffee break'

    feel free to suggest something though
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    Nice laptop and setup!
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    Does he type in the notebook’s keyboard with that inclination? Wow that should be bad for hands etc.
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    What laptop is this in the picture. Looks monstrous
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    Dude I feel your pain, I can’t spell either. I guess people can easily see words in their head, but I can’t. I remember words from the sounds of the letters that make them up. Not very efficient... haha

    Took me till I was like 17 to realize that people can easily see words or sentences in their head... lol
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    So I just across this post today and I'm the colleague :P

    Thanks for the laptop setup comments ;) The setup works great, feels totally fine on my hands and I've had this setup now for months.
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