Yet another day at work:

My job is to write test libraries for web services and test others code. Yes I know to code, and have a niche in software testing.
Sometimes developers (whose code I find bugs in) get so defensive and scream in emails and meetings if I point out an issue in their code.
Today, when I pointed a bug in his repo, a developer questioned me in an email asking if I even understood his code, and as a tester I shouldn’t look at his code and only blackbox test it.

I wish I can educate the defensive developer that sometimes, it’s okay to make mistakes and be corrected. That’s how we deliver services that doesn’t suck in production.

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    hmm maybe you could buy some books about psychology on convincing people 🤔
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    Been there. But I feel so sorry for you. If you want my advice: always point out such an inapropriate behaviour. It is ok, to have different opinion but screaming, offensive email are againts basic rules. It is your job and you should not be treated like trash. Tell to that person that it not right to throw shit at you. Confront that or report to manager if someone is true dick.
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    I'm sure you've told them it's either you finding their bugs in a calm and orderly fashion or their servers at 3 in the morning by tripping over a bug and grinding to a halt.
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    BTW: what a bliss to have someone else test my code. They should be super grateful!
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    Probably true but sad for sure: pretend you're a guy and they'll go "good catch, bro! I owe you a beer!"
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    When they ask "do you understand my code" you respond with "do you understand my tests?"
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    @ModernShoe Yes I’ve tried subtly asking this; sometimes it backfires and they go “That’s not my job.”
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    @freakko i feel sad to even say “maybe” to this :-(
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    @dottedr this time I did. I hope managers atleast pitch in this time and establish some etiquette.
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    @freakko I don’t want to feel victimised but yes. I’d rather be thankful if someone reviews my code and finds bugs.
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